benign hypertension. a misnomer implying a harmless elevation of blood pressure. Because any sustained elevation of blood pressure may adversely affect health, it is incorrect to refer to the condition as "benign." See also essential

Benign hypertensive arteriolar nephrosclerosis is progressive renal impairment caused by chronic, poorly controlled hypertension.. As a result, progressive chronic kidney disease develops. Benign nephrosclerosis progresses to end-stage renal disease in only a small percentage of

Kidney damage in 'benign' essential hypertension.. Furthermore, the relationship between blood pressure and incident renal disease appears to be positive and continuous throughout the entire spectrum of blood pressure, including in the 'normotensive' range. Essential

The King had these thieves captured and when they were brought in front of him,. . to kill large B-cell lymphoma cells, prevent cancer stem cells from regrowing, . Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic

Non–Hodgkin lymphoma is in the news following the death of Andy Whitfield, the. watery fluid that carries infection-fighting cells known as lymphocytes and . What does a lymphoma rash look like – Find out more explanation

Translation of lymphoma The most commonly reported malignancies are ovarian and gastric cancer, and lymphoma. Translation of "lymphoma" – English–Spanish dictionary. (Definition of “lymphoma” from the Cambridge English–Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University . lymphoma noun [

Medical Definition of Lymphoma. Lymphoma: A tumor of the lymphoid tissue. The major types of lymphoma are Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). NHL can in turn be divided into low-grade, intermediate-grade, high-grade, and miscellaneous

lymphoma translation french, English – French dictionary, meaning, see also 'lymph node',lampshade'. A panel of lymphoma related biomarkers are provided. hodgkin lymphoma translation french, English – French dictionary, meaning, see. Further provided are method for

lymphoma translation in English-Persian dictionary.. translation and definition "lymphoma", English-Persian Dictionary online. add translation. hematologic cancer that affects lymphocytes that reside in the lymphatic system and in blood-forming organs. en sir, we're really lucky we

"lymphoma" in Chinese. volume_up. English Definition. (名) As a noun. A neoplasm of lymph tissue that is usually malignant; one of the four major types of cancer. Hyphenation, lym•pho•ma. lymphoma definition: a cancer of the

Cancer that begins in cells of the immune system.. One kind is Hodgkin lymphoma, which is marked by the presence of a type of cell called the Reed-Sternberg cell. The other category is non-Hodgkin lymphomas,

Cancer that begins in cells of the immune system. There are two basic categories of lymphomas. Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control.. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (also known as non-Hodgkin's