AFLAC Cancer Policy Review: Is AFLAC Worth It?

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AFLAC, an insurance company that is focusing in medical insurance is one of the most successful and probably known insurance companies in the world. Located in Columbus, Georgia, United States, AFLAC is popular for their medical cover.

One of its popular offers is AFLAC Cancer Care which is an insurance that covers your cancer treatment expenses if you should be diagnosed with cancer. But is the insurance really worth to try? In this article we will give you some AFLAC cancer policy review and its pros and cons.

Cancer Coverage

Cancer coverage is an insurance that doesn’t pay your medical expenses and it’s not a health insurance. It is more a supplemental insurance that will pay you personally if you are diagnosed with cancer. Basically, the money of that you get from this insurance can be used freely, up to the client wishes. It is made as a survival for your financial loss when you diagnosed with cancer.

AFLAC Cancer Policy

As the nation’s insurance company in the US, AFLAC is the first company to think about cancer coverage insurance. Their cancer policy program is made for those who want to plan a financial coverage when they think they might be affected by cancer in the future. For you who have the history of a cancer patient in your family, it might be a good insurance, as most of the time people with cancer family background has the highest rate to get into cancer as well.

How It Works

AFLAC Cancer cover works by selecting and agreeing to pay for AFLAC cancer care by paying it with your payroll deduction per month, the insurance can be used with the minimum of 6 months payment. If in that 6 months you suddenly get diagnosed with cancer, the insurance will pay a certain amount of money per coverage person. It has many benefits from the diagnosed benefits, treatment benefits, hospitalization benefits, care benefits, transportation and other benefits that you can get.


Pros And Cons

Like two sides of a coin, AFLAC cancer policy has its goods and weaknesses. For its good points, by using this kind of insurance, you will be able to at least survive the financial loss from the expensive cost of cancer treatment. Other than that, it helps you to pay some bills other than your medical expenses since they pay you personally instead paying it directly to the hospital you are treated in. you can do everything with the money you get from the policy but always spent it wisely.

While for its bad points, it might be costly to buy a cancer policy and a gamble. Sometime not all cancer policy covers all types of cancers. There is a certain type of cancer and if you get a different type of cancer you might lose your insurance claim and leads to financial loss too. That’s why it is important to read the fine print of their agreement before signing anything.

If you have a cancer already, this kind of insurance won’t help you at all, because once again, this is not health insurance. You won’t get your claim nor youwill be allowed to buy one. So it’s better to skip this if your condition is already got worsen or simply already in the stage of cancer.

Conclusion: AFLAC Cancer Policy Review

AFLAC cancer policy is worth for you who have family history of cancer and want to be prepared for the worst case. Their office are currently everywhere in the U.S and it might be easier to contact their agent than any other insurance companies. Other than that, all of insurance programs and policies, including AFLAC are a gamble. So make sure to understand of what you are signing for, read the brochure and the fine prints thoroughly, be clear of what you need in an insurance so that you can get the best benefits of the policy.

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