Advantages and Instructions of the Pro Lab Asbestos Test Kit

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Asbestos is a cancer-causing material, short of. You can be exposed the material from things around you or even your own house. You may not realize that the house you live in is built using materials containing asbestos. Pro Lab asbestos test kit is a tool that helps you to know the level of asbestos in your environment.

Asbestos is widely used in some building materials because it has a cheap price and is commonly used as a main material or a mixture of some objects such as, roof, tiles, and wallboard.

The advantages of Pro Lab asbestos test kit

Pro Lab is one of the best home kits manufacturers. The accuracy of this product is claimed to be very good because the sample you send will be checked in Pro-Lab laboratory. In addition to having a good accuracy, this tool also has several advantages such as:


  1. Easy to use

Pro Lab asbestos test kit is an easy-to-use tool. Basically this tool can be used by anyone. All you have to notice is that you must be careful in collecting samples.

  1. Cheaper than using home asbestos professionals

The basic principle of Pro Lab is self-sample collection and post. This is certainly cheaper than if you use the services of home asbestos test service. The maximum cost you should spend is not more than $ 100. You have to pay several hundred dollars to use professionals’ services just to get the same results.

  1. Long distance lab service

You do not need to deliver direct samples you have collected because you can send them by post. All the equipment you need is already in the packaging of the products you buy. After a few days, the test result from the sample you send will be sent back by post. Not only that, you will also get notification via email and phone from Pro Lab customer services.

How to collect asbestos sample using Pro Lab asbestos test kit

When you purchase the Pro Lab asbestos test kit, you will get some items that will be needed in collecting samples. After you check all the completeness of the test kit, the next step is to collect samples. Here are some things you should look into asbestos sample collection:

  1. Find the suspected asbestos-contaminated materials.
  2. Wear gloves and masks before collecting samples.
  3. Avoid direct contact with asbestos materials.
  4. Wet the materials. Wet materials will inhibit the spread of asbestos fibers. You can use a spray bottle or flush the materials with a little water; just make it wet, not submerged.
  5. Use a spoon or a knife to take the sample. Do not take samples mixed with other objects such as soil or other materials (except water).
  6. Put the sample in the sample bags and seal it well. Make sure the sample bag is not leaking and if necessary you can put it in another plastic.
  7. Fill the form. Make sure you fill the form correctly and in accordance with the conditions. Form filling error can result in mismatch of test result of the sample.

Send the sample and the form by using the special packaging contained in the Pro Lab asbestos test kit packaging. Within a few days, you will receive the lab results of the sample you send along with some other important information.

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