6 Things Of What To Expect After Radiation Treatment For Prostate Cancer

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Radiation treatment is an alternative form of prostate cancer treatment that has the highest of success. The treatment itself is similar to have an X-ray on your body. It can’t be smelled or felt. It just simply directed to the part of the body with cancer in it. But what should we expect after the treatment and how to deal with the issues?

In this article, we are going to have an in-depth talk about 6 things of what to expect after radiation treatment for prostate cancer.

  1. Fatigue

After the therapy, you might find yourself tired of not only a week but probably months. To handle this you need to balance your physical activities. A nap on the daytime might be a help as well but more importantly always have a well-rounded diet and eat a lot of food with good nutrition.


  1. Diarrhea

Usually, this kind of pain or symptoms happens in the second or third week of treatment. It usually ends when the treatment is over. This can be avoided by consuming less fried food or spicy ones. You also need to less consume insoluble fiber foods such as lettuce and increased the consumption of low insoluble fiber like banana, mashed potatoes, and etc.

  1. Urination Problem

The most common side effect you will get after the treatment, after the therapy your urination system get weaken and you can probably get a bladder burst problem. This problem can get better with medication from the doctor.

  1. Swells and Bruises

You might find your skin swelled and bruised but do not be worried. This symptom usually stays for three to five days. The things you can do to make it not get worse is by avoiding bike riding and hot tube bathing. You can do it after the tenderness is gone or simply get some prescribed medicine to help reduce the swelling and bruising around the skin area.

  1. Skin Problem

It is the rarest case to happen but if it happens, do not scrub or touch the area. Avoid using some alcohol-containing lotions or liquid from your skin and simply avoid any rub with clothing. You can ask your doctor for some cream to lessen the itch and relieve the symptoms.

  1. Sexual Problem

Some of the male patients who undergo this treatment usually experience a decline in sexual erectile function aka impotence. Although this kind of conditions can be considered regarding their lifestyles such as smoking habits, age, and the duration of their hormonal therapy. Most of the time, the effect can be seen after 2 years of therapy. This can be cured by having some oral medications.

Final Thoughts

That’s the 6 things of what to expect after radiation treatment for prostate cancer. As painless as it looks, this treatment still leaves lots of side effects that might take a long time to heal. Always have lots of good rest and begin a healthy lifestyle might help the process of the recovery as it does not only make your body get stronger but also more lively. That’s it for us today, thank you for reading!

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