5 Ways on How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed

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Having breast cancer is sure one of the hardest things to experience. Not only it is detected after the symptoms appear, but sometimes with no symptoms at all and surprising you later with the appearance of lumps. That is why breast screening is important to determine whether you are diagnosed with breast cancer or not. There are 5 ways on how is breast cancer diagnosed with, they are:

  1. Mammogram

A procedure using an x-ray light to detect breast cancer. It is done routinely to detect breast cancer in women who don’t show any apparent signs or symptoms. The signs are lumps, painful breast, inward nipple, tightening nipples, the change in breast skin. This is used to prove a more detailed diagnosed with breast cancer and breast implants.

  1. Ultrasound

An ultrasound procedure is usually done if the lumps on the breast are big and firm. It is resulting in a generated picture called sonogram that can give you some information whether the lump is a solid mass and about its fluid level. It also measures the location of the lump as well.

How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed

  1. MRI

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a screening using a computer to transmit magnetic energy through the area of the breast tissue. It gives you the detail image of the breast tissue and helps the medical team to find the location of the infected tissue in the breast.

  1. Biopsy

After some screening, a biopsy test is usually done to remove the tissue or fluids from the suspicious area. The removed tissue and fluid than later are examined under a microscope and further checked. There is three kind of biopsy, the first one is fine needle aspiration, the second one is core needle biopsy and the third one is a surgical biopsy. The most common one to use is the first and the second one.

Fine needle aspiration is usually done if the lump is filled with fluid. It is a procedure where the fluid is discarded from the lump, sometimes they use the ultrasound method first to find the exact location of the lump.

  1. Lab Test

A lab test is an additional screening test to determine which cancer treatment that might be well suited for your current condition. This test is divided into two, there are hormone receptor test and Her2/neu test.

Many people who are diagnosed with breast cancer have lots of hormone receptors in their tumors, using a hormone therapy would help them have a better reaction to their treatments. It is also done to measure the condition of cancer in the breast itself.

Final thoughts

These 5 ways on how is breast cancer diagnosed are the most known way to find out about breast cancer other than self-exam. It takes time and money but it worth it as having an early check-up and knowing your condition better might help you to recover from breast cancer faster with an early and right treatment. So make sure to do these check-ups and be more cautious with the change in your body.

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