4 Tips on How to Get Rid of Asbestos from Your House

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Asbestos contains highly chemical material and very difficult if you want to get rid it of your house. It needs time and effort if you want to remove it safely. However, it is not impossible for you as long as you really prepare yourself for removing the asbestos.

Here are the 4 tips on how to get rid of asbestos from your house. You might read more below if you are interested.

  1. Wear the Standard Protection Outfit

Since asbestos is quite dangerous, you must really careful in removing the asbestos. The first thing you can do in order to protect yourself is by wearing the standard protection outfit. It consists of a highly safe outfit and a respirator or dust mask. You have to make sure that your mask is really tight and firm, so there is no space for the dust or chemical substance inhaled by you. Furthermore, it is safe for you to wear a hat, gloves, or even glasses in order to avoid direct contact with the asbestos components. Hence, the number one priority in removing asbestos is safety.

  1. Make Sure the Area is Safe

After you prepare your gear to remove the asbestos, the next thing you have to do is to clear the area in order to avoid other people or other items to be contacted with the chemicals from asbestos. First, if there are lots of people in the asbestos area, then you need to politely ask the people to stay away from the area temporarily until the asbestos is truly removed. Next, if there are items that usually in contact with your skin, then you have to move it or cover it with highly sealed plastic. Lastly, seal off the windows, doors, and ventilation to prevent the dust enters your house.

4 Tips on How to Get Rid of Asbestos from Your House

  1. Cleaning Up Everything Immediately

After you remove the asbestos from the roof, you still cannot relax yet. You have to take it to the safe place, stacking the asbestos and wrap it with plastic sheets. Make sure you double wrap it in order to prevent unnecessary dust to spread. After wrapping it, then you have to clean the area to remove the pieces of asbestos (if it was broken). It is recommended for you to use the vacuum cleaner, as it absorbs dust faster than sweeping. After you vacuum it, you still cannot leave yet before cleaning it with water, as it is best for you to spray the area with water and vacuum it for the second time to absorb more dust.

  1. Dispose it

The final phase of how to get rid of asbestos is to dispose of it. Well, obviously you cannot dispose it at any place besides directly to the main disposal. It is done to avoid any unnecessary action of the irresponsible person who can damage the wrapped asbestos if you dispose it at the public disposal. However, if you dispose it at the main disposal, it might be directly destroyed by the machine, thus making it a better place to dispose of the asbestos waste.

That is the 4 tips on how to get rid of asbestos from your house. It might be difficult in removing the asbestos from your home since it needs efforts and time. But, if you can do it well, then you might not feel the difficulties when removing the asbestos.

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