4 Great Places To Find Human Wigs Hair For Cancer Patients

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As stressing as it can be, having cancer might make you lose lots of hair. You might also go bald after some treatments. Losing hair can make you lose some confidence in yourself and as bad as it can be, a wig probably is needed to boost your confidence. But with all of treatments bill you may face, buying one might be a little too expensive for you. But do not be worry! Today we will give you some list of places to shop for a cheap and free but good quality human wigs hair for cancer patients.

  1. American Cancer Society

For you who lives in the US, American cancer society might be a good choice for you since they provide a free wig through their wig banks program. Most of the wigs that provided by them are high quality and donated by a big company of Pantene, a huge hair company. Some of the wigs are second hand as well but do not be worry since these second hands are still in a good conditioned and can be used for a very long time.

  1. Lolly’s Lock

A non-profit organization created by the toll family in the memory of Lolly Toll who lost her life due to cancer. This organization try to make a fundraising in order to give lots of cancer patients the best human wigs hair so they will feel good about themselves and be more confident. This organization is located in Maryland and the only thing you must do to get a free wig from here is to be at least 18 and a united states citizen.

Human Wigs Hair For Cancer Patients

  1. Children with hair loss

Children with hair loss is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to children who undergo chemotherapy, burns, or any other illnesses and loss their hair in the process. To be applied on their program and get a free human wigs hair for cancer patient you need at least to be 21 years old with a furnish proof of birth certification and a medical record of the reason of the hair loss. The process itself can be done through mail or the application form on their website.

  1. Shop for wigs

For you who have enough money to shop for wigs, there are many websites you can check.One of them is Especially yours. Especially Yours is a wig website that is specializing in hair and fashion items. They offer a varied selection of synthetic and human hair with affordable price. The second one is Ebony Line. It is a wig website that is popular among black women. For African women, Vogue wigs might be a good choice. It has a long selection of long, short and medium cuts that might well suited for you.

That’s all 4 great places to find human wigs hair for cancer patients! Do you find the well-suited place to your liking? We hope you do! There are other places that are not mentioned above such as Pink heart fund and wigs for kids but either way, you can check their websites as well and maybe, you can find the best place to get human wigs hair that well suited for your budget and needs! That’s it all from us, thank you for reading, have a good day!

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