The pancreas is one organ in our body that belongs to the part of digestive system. This organ has a length of 18 cm and it is located above the abs. Unfortunately, this organ can

How many people who can survive pancreatic cancer? Pancreatic cancer survival rate will tell you the number of patients who can finally live longer when they are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Usually, a patient with

Looking forward to asbestos floor tile removal? Before you even start, keep this in mind: removing asbestos floor tile needs to be done carefully. Don’t worry, though. Here we have a simple guide that you

The asbestos wrap is used as an insulator in various industries, including housing. You are more likely to find it if your house was built before the 1970s. If you find them, you don’t need

Popcorn ceiling, also known as cottage cheese ceiling, was a popular ceiling treatment for houses from the 1950s to 1980s. This type of ceiling treatment may contain asbestos, which makes it potentially dangerous. Do you