10 Top Cancer Hospitals in the US is recognized by the world!

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10 Top Cancer Hospitals in the US that I summarize, providing the best service and recognized by the world

Top Cancer Hospitals in The US I recommended for you in this article. Cancer is indeed a very dangerous disease, therefore we must always be more careful to recognize this very deadly disease.

This is actually the division of body cells that are not controlled in every direction that is because to control cancer it is mandatory so many medical centers in the world and one of them in the US. Here are Top Cancer Hospitals in the US.

10 Top Cancer Hospitals in the US Recommendation

  1. Johns Hopkins Hospital

John Hopkins Hospital is a hospital that is widely recognized as a leading cancer hospital institution, and the hospital is located in Baltimore, the USA The hospital also has the most advanced diagnostic facilities and the most advanced treatment plan provided by doctors to patients, among others it is indeed the most sophisticated hospital. The doctors were separated from the research group and the scientists then divided into different departments to diagnose and treat hospital cancer patients.

  1. University Of Texas M D Anderson Cancer Center

Established in 1941, University of Texas MD Anderson is according to data has been treating more than 410,000 cancer patients. The hospital is also ranked highest on various lists and has sufficient integrative access to cancer treatment with several techniques.

  1. Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital in addition to being a Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital Also is a leading cancer treatment research center. In this hospital also offers some medicines to cancer patients also offer high-quality service. And from a variety of cancers can be treated here, such as bladder cancer, bone cancer, and breast cancer.

  1. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Known also as the “UCLA” Medical Center, and the hospital is located in Los Angeles California.

  1. Stanford Clinic and Hospital

Around the world must be familiar with this hospital, because this hospital is well known worldwide for treating and diagnosing patients with caution.

  1. San Francisco Medical Center, University of California.

It’s also famous for having a high-quality cancer research program. Reportedly this hospital holds 500 patients in 17 different departments and can treat 14 types of cancer.

  1. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is one of the most well-known interdisciplinary non-profit medical groups. Here the doctors are always studying and developing drugs and various techniques to cure all the diseases of cancer suffered by his patients.

  1. University of Washington Medical Center

Located in the United States capital of this union, Washington DC, this place is also a leading place for research and treatment of all types of cancer. There are about 15 cancers that can be cured in University Washington of Medical Center, including spinal cord surgery and transplantation.

  1. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

In this hospital has a variety of departments that not only handle cancer beat disease but also other severe illness. A special department in this hospital is the Department that deals with cancer in children and a special institution for girls.

  1. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Located in New York, the United States and this hospital has been established long enough that in 1884, at that time was still a world war, this cancer center devoted to the service of mankind and treat patients with the cost is not too expensive. Here the treatment is carried out in conjunction with the psychological aspects of the patient.

Of all the hospitals that have been described above, you can choose which hospital you want to visit when your cancer is nearing advanced cancer. There may be more hospitals than Top Cancer Hospitals in The US which I mentioned above, we hope can help readers who want to treat this very dangerous cancer.

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